Masala Cold Drinks - Masala Coke Masala Soda

Video of How To Make Masala Cold Drinks At Home

Prepare time: 2 min
Cook: 1 min
Ready in: 1 min

Masala Cold Drinks is one of the very popular beverage mostly served many restaurants in India. It is also known as Masala Coke or Masala Soda. During summer we can serve this Masala Cold Drink as refreshing drink. So today we will learn how to make Masala Cold Drinks at home.

Ingredients of Masala Coke

  1. Cold drinks (Pepsi / Coca Cola /Coke – 500 ml).
  2. Lemon juice (Half portion of a lemon for each glass).
  3. Jaljeera powder ( ¼ tsp for each glass).
  4. Lemon slices for decoration

Making of Masala Cold Drinks

1Take a serving glass.


2Add half tea spoon lemon juice in a glass.



Add 1 tea spoon of jaljeera powder in a glass.


4Add cold drinks. You can take any brand like Pepsi, Coca Cola or Coke. Mixed it well. Serve cool Masala Soda Drinks with ice cube.


So just try this most refreshing drinks at home and inform me about your experience. If you like this Coca Cola Masala Soda Drinks Recipe then like it, Share it, subscribe my YouTube channel to get regular new recipe videos in your mail box.


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